Well, after over 100,000 miles and all kindsa fun that we won't go into - it was time to rebuild my 1986 FXST. I know a lotta you out there in chopper land think the evo is the engine of the devil...so join me as we tear into it and get down, wild and funky with Warrens' EVIL EVO REBUILD!
I enlisted the aid of one Mr. Scooter Trash (aka "Torch" of the BFMC) who said "Hell, let's just bring it by my place and we'll pull the engine and trans." Our plan was to pull motor and tranny and send both off to Scott's Motors in Denver (Scott builds awsome high-performance motors). Meanwhile I was gonna take the frame home and do some badly needed upgrades.

It was a pretty sorry sight - 10 year old braided lines had frayed, it was pissing oil out of most major gaskets. Ya gotta give the motor company credit, tho' - with only one top end gasket replacement it ran for 14 years. And friends, I rode it hard and put it away wet!

Whotta mess! See those funky canister things? Early on in softail land the shocks had these really crappy "remote" pressure cans. Bad idea then, worse after 14 years. Just a note: You can't take new (88 and up) softail shocks and put 'em on these earlier models. Every time you hit a bump your tranny will fracture the new shocks. We planned on fixing this little problem.