The Road To Sturgis

Seems like every year it's a different trip...but it always turns out to be the same good time. This year we ended up spending a buncha time downtown just hangin' out and then spent some quality time with family and our son touring the Black Hills. South Dakota is just one helluva cool state - between wandering Buffalo (mmmm, bad for bikers) to the beauty of Needles highway (ahhh, good for bikers) there's always something great to see. Speaking of great things to see, check out the choppers of Sturgis 99!
Cruising Main Street, an American Tradition! Check out the Main Street Choppers 99.
The Rat's Hole Chopper Show...not to be missed! A chopper lovers paradise.

Tales of things you'd never thought you'd find yourself doing:

Ok, really, this happened. My in-laws came out to Sturgis for the last nite o' fun and brought our son with them. So we head downtown from Lead in a cage (Ford Taurus) and as we pull out of the motel parking lot, I realize we're one-eyed. Yep, we're about to head down the heaviest police-patrolled road in America with a burnt-out headlight on 9pm on Saturday night. Go figure, THREE traffic stops later I was just leaving my license and registration sitting in my lap for the duration. Seriously folks, I wouldn't try any tricks on that 10 mile stretch!