The Millenium Edition:
That's right, it's time for the ChoppersRule Sturgis 2000 feature! Warren finally gets off his lazy butt and processes dozens of great shots from hiz digital camera of doom. We all know there are two really great shows at Sturgis - The Rat's Hole Chopper Show and just hangin' around main street. Pick yer show below...and enjoy!

It was big fun on Main Street this year (hey, what year wasn't big fun?). So click below for scoots, babes and a healthy dose of the general craziness that is Downtown Sturgis during bike week!

Some Bitching:
My good buddy Trash had some major mechanical issues this year. Not the least of which was shreddin' a rear belt. When I went to the Harley dealer in Sturgis, they told me they didn't have any belts. They said try Spearfish. I asked 'em if they could call the Spearfish shop for me and have 'em hold one for me. They told me they couldn't 'cause "Nobody answers the phone during Rally Week". Geez, thanks guys. J&P cycles didn't have the belt I wanted in stock and tried to talk me into one with a few extra teeth for $160. Yeah, right. Wouldn't ya know, a tent-vendor named HERBHOGS had the right tooth belt, took the time to check it all out and charged me a fair price for a Primo belt. Go visit his website and buy some stuff 'cause he's good people! Herbhogs Website.