Can you believe my luck? Here I am just hangin' outside the Mangy Moose in Hill City when Tana (she's the owner) comes up to me and says "You've gotta meet these guys" and proceeds to introduce me to the guys who own and work at RB Custom Choppers.

I say "You guys got any of your bikes hanging around?" and I'm thinking no, you butthead because it's raining and what chopperbuilder is gonna have his pride and joy soaking up liquid sunshine in the Black Hills? But these guys apparently moved a bunch of people off some picnic tables and parked FOUR of their handbuilt scoots under a tent so they could keep e'm close but keep 'em dry.

So, it popped and sputtered once of twice and then POW - right into idle. We put the tanks on an buttoned a few odds and ends and then I decided to wait until the weekend to fire it up in the street.


The Last You'll Hear About This Shit - I Promise....

Warren Back From The Dead

I'm back - didja miss me? Most folks didn't even know I was gone. If you're an avid reader of or watch you all know I was going through some personal crap involving back pain that spun my world sideways.