2004 - Cold As It Gets
"They Only Come Out At Night" - Have ya ever noticed that things seem way different by the glow of headlights and flash bulbs? Kinda eerie, creepy...I decided to check out the scoots by the light of the full moon and found some cool (and spooky) stuff.

Main Street was where the action was (big surprise) - this year was no exception. My fave is the knuckle with the built-in Napa Parts Counter cooling device.

You just never know where you're gonna run into Warren's Best of Show. This year it was on the way in to the Rally in a little burg called NewCastle.

The Rat's Hole Chopper Show at the Full Throttle flat out rocked. Great bikes, boobs and tunes. Check it out...
Ass (See Frozen):
Yeah, well, I dunno what the hell happened this year - but it was really cold.

Watch Rat's Hole Chopper Show Video

Most Frozen Ass - Seriously, we left Deadwood one night and headed out to Lead. The digital thermometer on the bank said 34 degrees.

Trying to Keep Ass from Freezing - I usually do this thing where I only pack one t-shirt and then buy a shirt every day. I bought long sleeves and sweats wherever I could find them.

Most Choppahs - The Rat's Hole Chopper Show was finally back and they held it at the Full Throttle. Yeah buddy!

Strange Noises - Clankin' pipes as I pulled into the motel meant some parking lot repair was in order. Tweaked one loose bolt and I was good to go for the rest of the trip.

But...now I don't want to get off on this Indian Taco thing again, but they were like $10 this year. What happened to the cheap food? What happened to the cheap anything? We stopped at some gambling palace in Deadwood: room rates normally $40 a night, $240 during rally week. Gimme a break! More TV crews than I've ever seen - they should make a regular cable show outta this event. Oh wait, look, on Discovery channel, "Sturgis -The Series".
My opinion, I could be wrong, ya know.