2002 - Choppers Return in the Rain
"Get set to get wet" should've been the rally cry for this years rally. But that stuff rolls off real bikers backs like oil off chrome. The downtown was still fun and the wild ones were out in force (as usual)...check it out...

Choppers have returned (like they ever went away) with everyone puttin' Iron Crosses and stuff on t-shirts. The bikes that got the big looks were the classics - and there were a bunch of eye-ball yankin' beauties out there!

It was dark and cold when we pulled into a parking lot to don more garments before we neaded up into the mountains - but that's when we found the "Best of Show". Now this is classic chopper iron.

Pain In The Rain:
Well, overcast seemed to rule this year at Sturgis. We did get some sun - but we seriously got our asses soaked to the bone more than once.

Best Soaking - Coming down from Mt. Rushmore the rain was sideways in sheets. I realized that both Wendy and I were screaming at the top of our lungs...and not in a good way.

Lights Out - Wednesday night there was a lightening storm that put out the POWER in the whole downtown area. We chilled (literally) by a coupla' port-o-potties in the alleyway.

Most Mud - Deadwood was CLOSED for several hours due to mudslides! (...and you thought your bike was dirty...)

Strange Noises - Wendy got such a honkin' sinus infection that every time she blew her nose on the back of the scooter I thought I was stripping out transmission gears.

But...a generally good time was had by all at the home of the $8 Indian Taco (ok, now, really - is that sucker worth $8? Comon, it's a freekin' piece of fried bread with some slop on it. Gimme a break...) - lot's more choppers and chopper freaks than previous years as the faithful return to the truest form of the art - the chopper. Oh, and to the Buffies and Chads on the V-Rots - give it up. It ain't a Harley and you ain't a biker. Now go home!
My opinion, I could be wrong, ya know.