2001 - A Spaced Odyssey
Well, for some reason (unless I'm just bone stupid, which may be the case) there was no Rat's Hole Chopper Show - So Wendy and I just went around and picked our personal favorites. If yours ain't here, send a pix and we'll see how it all shakes out.

There's this little burg called "Scenic" on the way to the Badlands, and let me tell you - it ain't so scenic. We stopped to wash the dust down our throats and found this beauty in front of a bar covered in skulls.

Main Street Sturgis is always big fun - even when big goofy companies get in the way (see sidebar). Here's a whole buncha pix so that if you weren't there you can still take in the action (Warning: over 60 pictures ahead so I hope you have a sandwich handy)

Dear Big Honkin' Corporate America:
Just what the hell do you know about bikers and riding - nothin'! And every year you make it clearer and clearer by sticking your big "sponsorships" (read: large advertising) where it has no place being. To our friends Budweiser - Budweiser "World" hacked. The band I saw hacked. Just 'cause you put a stage in the middle of a parking lot doesn't make it a biker party. You stick to brewing beer, we'll buy it and call it quits. Having a buncha terrified tigers in the middle of a hot, noisy crowd should qualify you all to go to prison for cruelty to animals. What the hell did AOL have do do with anything there? Nothing. They brought a mini-van with monitors and stuck it in "Budweiser World". Lame-ass crap if you ask me. Bastards didn't even have the common sense to set every web-browser to ChoppersRule...that's OK, Wendy and I did it for ya.
My opinion, I could be wrong, ya know.