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Over 12 hours of LIVE streaming video will be webcast from the Garage Shop Fabricators Demonstration Fair courtesy of

Looking for a program devoted just to motorcycles? Do you want straight talk on how to build custom choppers—and throw your own advice into the mix? There’s online biker video, then there’s KickStartTV – the LIVE, weekly interactive webcast that’s all about bikes that get built in the garage and ridden in the rain.

KickStartTV ( brings the best of broadcast biker talk to the interactive stage that IS the internet. Got a comment for one of the hosts? Join the LIVE monitored chat session and pose your chopper-building questions to the experts in real time! Think you know more or know how to do something better than what they’re showing on the air? Join in via VIDEO with Skype and it’s just like you walked into the studio! Want to see your bike or build-in-process on the air? Just go to “The Garage” on the website and upload your audio, pictures and video. The hosts get all their “guest bikes” from iron parked in “The Garage”.

And speaking of hosts – these aren’t some billet-polishing shop boys: you’ve got Warren Fuller of (one of the longest running chopper sites on the web) and The Trashman from the USA Bikernation radio show. These guys build, fabricate and ride their own bikes – and they’re not afraid to let you know their opinion about all things motorcycle!

FFJournal and KickStartTV is a one-two punch for the serious chopper builder and rider, with the Garage Shop Fabricator (YouTube: FFJTV) resources of FFJournal and the Emmy-Award winning, politically-incorrect banter of the outspoken Warren and Trash – you better hang on, because you’re in for the ride of your life. Watch new episodes at 7 p.m. MST every Tuesday or visit to check out almost two years of show archives packed with “how to” tips, serious wrenching and just plain ol’ uncensored opinions from two of the most colorful characters in webcasting today!

KickStartTV is on the road this summer and headed to the Garage Shop Fabricators Demonstration Fair in Downtown Sturgis (SD) on Lazelle Street! Located right next to the Harley Davidson exhibit – this tent is a “must visit” for all rally riders who build and ride their own machines. There will be celebrity builder appearances, shop-worthy tool and machine demonstrations, LIVE round-table discussions PLUS KickStartTV LIVE Tuesday August 10th, Wednesday August 11th and Thursday August 12th for FOUR HOURS each day (Noon – 4pm). Show up with a cool scooter and you could find yourself being interviewed LIVE on the web by Warren and The Trashman.

So check out the Garage Shop Fabricators Demonstration Fair on Lazelle in Sturgis during the 70th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (for more information go to ) and you could find yourself chatting with the “usual suspects” from Can’t make it to the rally? Well, it sucks to be you – but you can watch the madness LIVE Tuesday August 10th, Wednesday August 11th and Thursday August 12th by going to and clicking on “Watch Live Video” from noon-4pm each day.

More Spiffy Info:

Here's the deal, the good folks at FFJournal do some pretty cool stuff for the bike building comminuty. Namely, they're putting on this giant product demonstration to show you all the new tools you can use to work on your scooter if you're a Garage Builder kinda guy. They post a helluva lot of video on YouTube that shows all the great stuff people build in their garages. Some if it is bike stuff, some of it is mechanical, some of it is "art" and some of it is just plain wacked - but they're definately KSTV kinda people.

Anyway, they invited Warren and Trash (you know us) to broadcast / webcast from their booth LIVE - so we said HELL YES, any way we can make bigger fools of ourselves than we do on a weekly basis on our show...well, we're all about THAT! So when you come to Sturgis this year (and hey, it's the 70th so why WOULDN'T you be there?) just come by the Garage Shop Fabricators Demo Fair on Lazelle and meet Trash and Warren in person. Hey, if you're cute (and hell, even if you're not) we'll probably have you on the show.

FFJournal LINK
KickStartTV LINK


Looking for some additional BIG FUN during your Sturgis Journey?

The Mangy Moose
The KickStartTV
People's Choice Bike Show
and Friday the 13th GOOD LUCK Party and Street Dance featuring the music of Scooter P. Trash and All-Night Rocking

10am - Breakfast Ride with Tana from the Mangy Moose and Warren and Trash from

2pm - KickStartTV GOES LIVE from the stage in the center of HILL CITY, South Dakota

4pm - KickStartTV PEOPLE'S CHOICE BIKE SHOW OPENS! Bring your scooter!

6pm - Miss MANGY MOOSE competition begins / KickStartTV PEOPLE'S CHOICE BIKE SHOW closed to entries.

7pm - LIVE Music by Scooter P. Trash on the Main Stage!


8:15pm - Until they SHUT US DOWN - LIVE Rock n' Roll with

Friday the 13th, August 2010 HILL CITY South Dakota (about 40 miles outside of Sturgis)
Here's a MAP in case you get lost.