Chopper Assembly Videos Show YOU how to build your DREAM BIKE!

Now you can learn the secrets the bike building pros have known for years - building your own chopper is EASY (and FUN!) if you have the right tools and the right knowledge. But, how do you get that knowledge - books? Hanging around your buddies shop? At the dealer? Nope - it's all right here in Chuck Sheridan's CHOPPER ASSEMBLY VIDEO collection. CLICK HERE NOW!

This is serious, technical know-how that would take years on the street or endless trial and error. And it's all presented clearly, in plain english on 4 DVDs or 6 VHS tapes. Here's the deal - you could go to mechanic's school and spend THOUSANDS - but now, for LESS THAN $100 you can have an unlimited wealth of knowledge that will allow you to build that chopper you've always talked about.


You'll learn about:
• Frames • Tools • Engine & Transmission Install • Charging System • Front Drive Pulley • Align Engine & Trans • Shimming • Install Swing Arm • Shocks • Triple Trees •Fork Assembly •Front Axel •Wheel Install • Sheet Metal • Wiring • Gas Tank • Regulator • Rotor • Primary • Clutch and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

You'll watch as Chuck Sheridan goes through the ENTIRE PROCESS of building a custom chopper from start to finish.*

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*This series does not cover engine or transmission internals. These videos are an excellent resource for those who have purchased a "Bike-In-A-Box" Kit or have already gathered up most drive components to assemble a "softail" style EVO bike.

Actual shots from Chopper Assembly Videos:

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(top & bottom end)

Chuck Sheridan has taught many hands-on engine building workshops at Redline Chopper School and has now produced this comprehensive engine building video series for the beginning or advanced mechanic!

These are EXTREMELY DETAILED videos that guide you STEP BY STEP, and teach you the proper disassembly and assembly procedures for EVERY SINGLE PART of the HARLEY EVOLUTION ENGINE!

All the technical details of engine building are clearly shown. Proper use of all special engine building tools is demonstrated.

These videos will equip you with all of the KNOWLEDGE, TIPS, TRICKS AND INDUSTRY SECRETS you have always wanted to know!

Use this knowledge to perform your own maintenance such as installing new gaskets; for installing performance upgrades such as a big bore kit or changing your cam; or for rebuilding part, or all of your engine!

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