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Look, in all seriousness folks - I've been "publishing" since 1997. We don't really sell any advertising and I've been known to swap space for parts I need for my bike. In other words, I don't make any money on this here thing. Now it's 2003 and every yahoo on the planet is cashing in on the "new" chopper craze.

Hey, if I'd told you there was gonna be a show on Discovery about a chopper shop in 1997, you would'a laughed. Well, I'm glad all these high-profile folks are makin' the big game-show bucks and I'm not bitter.
JUST REMEMBER...who keeps on puttin' up (the site for the garage mechanic) year after year after year? Your pal Warren.

Now, you tell me you
LOVE and we're always the NUMBER ONE non-commercial chopper site in Yahoo and Google, so it's time to pony up. is
NEVER gonna go away - but my life sure would be cooler if each one of you "donated" (read: gave) me a coupla' bucks. I'm not asking for anything that's gonna dent your already meager budget - but hey, you'd spend $5 on a chopper magazine, right? Well, if you gave me a FIVE SPOT each year I could afford to do more stories, more pictures and more cool chopper stuff. Now ain't that worth five bucks?

Hell, I don't care, gimme what you can afford and we'll call it good. I'm only doing this so I can make sure ChoppersRule (like America) is always

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