When I get home from work, there are often packages waiting for me - I know you're shocked, but I keep three scooters running and I got stuff coming and going on eBay (who doesn't?)

So a couple of days ago I picked up the package inside the front door and thought to myself "what engine parts could these be?". The box was heavy and that (in my household) indicates engine parts. Surprise - it was a new leather jacket from Fox Creek Leather.

In all fairness, they gave me this jacket for free if I would check it out. That being said - this thing is now my new 100% favorite riding jacket.

Seriously, I've been through some jackets in my time. It usta be that Schott Perfectos outta New York were as cool as you could get, than I had some made from too-soft leather babies from Wilsons house o' Pseudo leather and lately I've been wearing a $99 cheapy that feels like it was made outta stiff rhino hide dipped in plastic.

What do I like about the Fox Creek jacket?

Well, first off IT'S HEAVY THICK LEATHER but it's still bendable! Unlike my former rhino hide, I can actually move my arms. In fact, it was so thick and warm that the first thing I did was zip out the inner lining. I don't know if I'll need to put it back in come deep winter - but I don't think so...

Next, it actually fits like it was designed by someone who rode a motorcycle. The sleeves are extra long for those apehanging moments in life and when you're sitting on a bike, it doesn't ride up the back of your neck.

The cost is less than some of those trendy brands and I LIKE the fact that it doesn't have "HD" stamped all over everything - it's just pure leather and fittings. The zipper and snaps are WAY heavy duty brass which won't rot like the fake chrome snappers.

Anyway - if you're in the market for a jacket, you should check these guys out. We swapped 'em via UPS until the fit was just right, and they were great to deal with (actual live english-speaking people on the phone when ya call up).

Tell 'em Warren sent ya.

-Warren Fuller