Get down to it: The core of the Seegercycle Chopper Kit. The top triple tree is on a ball joint (called the top adaptor), the bottom fits nicely on the gizmet at the far right (called the bottom adaptor).

NOTE: To clear up any confusion - there are two bolt on chopper kits available. They look very similar and change your bike in similar ways. I'm not going to debate the differences between the two. You're all big kids, make up your own mind. The one from Seegercycle shown here (also known as the "FS" kit) and one manufactured by AME. The FS kit is aluminum and the AME is chrome steel. You can visit them online at
If you've been around more than a month, you probably have figured out that there are really only three ways to get a chopper:

1) Buy one from someone else. Certainly the easiest way but unless yer made of money and have a college degree in Mechanical Inspection, you don't really know what yer gonna get.

2) Take your stock bike, remove all the stuff stuck in the frame (you know, motor, tank, trans, etc. etc.) and hit that sucker with a blow torch, sawz-all or dremel tool (for those that really like to take their time). Time consuming - plus ya gotta be a pretty fair mechanic to make all this stuff work again.

3) Buy a new, raked chopper frame and take all the stuff off your old frame and bolt it on your new frame. Expensive, and what the hell are you gonna do with the left over stock frame, anyway?