Fwd for more Readers' Rides

Editors Note: People send me all kindsa great and strange pictures of the stuff they're working on and what they think makes up the perfect chopper. I figured it was only fair to share this stuff with everybody. If you want us to publish a pix of your project or finished scoot, send 'em HERE, if you don't want 'em published, don't send 'em (duh...)

Hey Boys great web site! Just thought I'd send you a pic of my baby. I bought her in 75, chopped her in 77,changed the engine in 80,painted her last in 81. Not bad for 20 yr paint(laquer). She's been on the road since 75 and has 125000 mi.on her. Choppers rule!!!! Ride To Live,BILL


Not bad for 125000 miles!

Hey Warren, here is a few pics of my 76 Sporty. Took my Father-in-law and me 'bout 2yrs to build. Frame work included adding a weld/bolt on hardtail(all welded), fender support behind the seat post, 5" stretch on the downtubes and about 10-12 over rake. A rebuilt from the crank motor thats bored 70 over and quick port job. Electrics include a morse magneto, some wire and a couple of switchs(thats it!). Paint is a $15 rattlecan job, with clearcoat poly-urathane. 16" rear and 21" front with Avon rubber. 70's era springer front end and no front fender. Truely "Old School". Hope you like.

Wow...what's not to like? Here's a great example of a cool-looking ridable bike that obviously didn't cost $30,000 to build. Every time I hear some sofa-jockey bitchin' about how they "can't afford a bike" I'm gonna send 'em to this page. It ain't about billet, it ain't about chrome, it's about you and your Father-In-Law building something hip. Glad to have you and your sporty aboard the ChoppersRule express!