Fwd for more Readers' Rides

Editors Note: People send me all kindsa great and strange pictures of the stuff they're working on and what they think makes up the perfect chopper. I figured it was only fair to share this stuff with everybody. If you want us to publish a pix of your project or finished scoot, send 'em HERE, if you don't want 'em published, don't send 'em (duh...)

hi this is dudley in denver this is my 72 650 trophy custom built chopper.it was built in 72 for a guy who just got back from veit nam,he rode it all over the country for 6 or 7 years and hurt his back and let it sit,i bought it from him in 1994 all i had to do is rebuild the carb and put a new battery and oil in it and she fired 3rd kick.it had a custom triumph gas tank on it that hid the coils and igniton switch,wich i still have ( it's pretty hard on gas tanks).good site i'll be keepiong a eye on it


And we'll be keepin' an eye on you around Denver. Sorry about the original owner, but it sounds like you got a helluva deal goin' on...

Warren :I have over twenty five years of undocumented experience as a Harley
modifier, and this scoot is sweet


So why doncha stop strugglin', draw sum pictures of choppers and send 'em here?