Fwd for more Readers' Rides

Editors Note: People send me all kindsa great and strange pictures of the stuff they're working on and what they think makes up the perfect chopper. I figured it was only fair to share this stuff with everybody. If you want us to publish a pix of your project or finished scoot, send 'em HERE, if you don't want 'em published, don't send 'em (duh...)


Nice site! Here's a picture of my "64 Pan. I also own a '61 Pan chop which I don't have a picture of downloaded at this time. This was taken right after
her rebuild. Road it to Sturgis from St. Louis and she ran Great. Oh, and I'm a Girl! Putt AKA Panhead Putt AKA Cruel Girl


Newsflash: Cruel Girl has her own website it it has some of the most rockin' old time chopper photos you've ever seen. You must check this out: www.cruelgirl.gunsnet.net

Sometimes guys come to me and start dribblin' about how they can't meet the right girl, their wife doesn't wanna ride, their girlfriend says that motorcycles mess up the hair etc.etc.etc...and I tell 'em the same same thing over and over - don't waste yer time on a chick that doesn't like bikes. Why bother? So you can make your life a living hell with the thing you like to do most (or maybe second most), ride yer scooter?

I guess I've been lucky 'cause I got Wendy. My buddies look at her and say "How'd you get so lucky"...Well, I waited around until I found the right one instead of hoppin' on the first rack that slithered by.

Now on the left we have an example of somethin' worth waiting for. Of course, that's some pretty sexist crap - maybe Cruel Girl is happily married and doesn't give a rat's ass about YOU...or maybe she just likes to wrench and not wench. The point is this, there are women out there (lots of 'em) who appreciate and live for the same stuff Chopper Guys live for. Don't settle. You'll hate yourself in the morning.

Oh yeah...this pan makes me wanna sell everything I own to build one just like it. Check out the supersized pictures - this may be the blueprint for the perfect chopper, ya never know. Nice deal, Cruel Girl - you may be Cruel, but the world's a better place 'cause of you and yer scooter.