Fwd for more Readers' Rides

Editors Note: People send me all kindsa great and strange pictures of the stuff they're working on and what they think makes up the perfect chopper. I figured it was only fair to share this stuff with everybody. If you want us to publish a pix of your project or finished scoot, send 'em HERE, if you don't want 'em published, don't send 'em (duh...)

i no it aint no harley but all the parts are


Except the engine unless I miss my guess. Nice stripped-out ride, tho'. 

Cellar built chop !!!! From Mass !!


Deserves to be in the daylight! I've had to carry 'em up flights of stairs before, and it's just no damn fun.

Hey nice site dude! Heres a couple of my chop in a few stages of its being!


Some pretty cool stages if ya ask me...