Fwd for more Readers' Rides

Editors Note: People send me all kindsa great and strange pictures of the stuff they're working on and what they think makes up the perfect chopper. I figured it was only fair to share this stuff with everybody. If you want us to publish a pix of your project or finished scoot, send 'em HERE, if you don't want 'em published, don't send 'em (duh...)

Hi Warren,

First of all, your side is awsome. I read about choppersrule in a dutch biker magazine, looking round on the choppersrule web side I found your side. I read on it, that everybody can send a picture of his bike and I tought mayby it's nice to send a picture of mine. So here it is,  me and my bike, crusin on the souht west coast of the Netherlands. It's a ' 87 FLST wich I' ve bin riding since the early 90 ' s 

Ride Free , Big Alf
Renesse Holland

p.s. forgive me for my bad english translation, you may have to correct some of my lines

Don't worry about the english, bro - we're all speakin' the same language here. It's universal bikerspeak!

Great site you got. Found it a while back and really explored it tonight. 
Here is a picture of a '37UL that I had back in '97. Still kicking myself in the ass for selling it. Going to look at a '60 pan chop tomorrow. I'm getting reprints of some better pictures of the ul and can send
them if you are interested. let me know.
Keep up the good work.

Hope you score the pan! Send pix if ya do.

Here's one from Rough & Ready CA. 
- Cubba & Mark