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Warren Fesses Up!
STURGIS 2009 - I Can See Clearly Now!

What a diference a year makes. A good time was REALLY had by all - especially me!

Something Happen Here...?
STURGIS 2008 - The Video Review!

Ride the Black Hills with Warren and Company in 2008 as we check out the roads and the chops!

Spooky night riding...!
STURGIS 2005 - Some Cool, Some Dumbass!

Had a really great time in South Dakota this year. Second time for the Rat's Hole at Full Throttle. Big fun.

Froze my ass off...!
STURGIS 2004 - Got Killer Video!

The Rat's Hole Chopper Show was back this year and we've got video plus hundreds of pix to prove it it!

Where have all the choppers gone
STURGIS 2003 - A Mungogungillian Pix!

Wild stuff all over the place, "pre-fab" choppers, the usual suspects and MORE!

Oh Yeah, Baby...
ARIZONA BIKE WEEK 2003 - 26 Pages!

We fixed some scoots, caught the drags, eye-balled the choppers and more!

The Rain Ate My Brain...
STURGIS 2002 - Over 90 Pictures!
There were great chops all over the place - but most of 'em were soaking wet. Didn't matter, right? RIDE ON!

The Next Chapter...
STURGIS 2001 - Over 80 Pictures!
It was hot and then it rained like a weepy bride. No Rat's Hole, but Warren picks the winners including a killer knuckle and a rat that'll blow your mind. RIDE ON!

The Millenium Edition...
STURGIS 2000 - Over 60 Pictures!
It was hot in more ways than one! The action on Main Street, the fine rides at Rat's Hole...hey, you know you wanna...check it out! RIDE ON!

Nothin' but fine bikes and fun...
STURGIS 99 - Over 55 Pictures!
It really was a road story. The trip to Sturgis is always a highlight of my family's year. There are more pix here than you can shake a modem at. Take yer time and ENJOY! RIDE ON!

What's it all about? Road stories is just that. Stuff happens out there - some good and some bad. If I go somewhere and have something to talk about, it'll probably end up in Road Stories. Hey...if you have a good story and send pictures, send me some Email HERE and we'll figure out how to get it in Road Stories.

- Warren F.