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First Big Hit Page!
Our First Page of Readers' Rides.
People started sending me stuff, so I started putting this together. Hope your scoot is here - if not, send me a picture! RIDE ON!

A Better Way To Fly!
85 Pages and Hundreds of Pix.
This Readers Rides thing is nuthin' but HUGE! We've got hundreds of images - and now you can "Supersize" some of them when you see the special link below. This'll make them REALLY big (over 100k for you computer geek types) so you can see exactly what the builder was up to. Anyway, here's the new page index. You can start on that page and move forward (or back), checkin' out all the fine iron...
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What's it all about? You folks know this drill, email me your coolest pictures with a little something tellin' me about your putt...and bada-bing, bada-boom - you're on the internet. It might take me a while to get 'em up, so be patient. Send 'em here!

Big Disclaimer: If you send me pictures, make sure it's something you want the whole world (including your parole officer) to see!

- Warren F.