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Da Bolt On Choppah!

AME Chopper Kits
Get that bad-ass lookin' front end without getting out the blow torch. Bolt-on kits RULE!

Hardcore as you wanna be!

Hardcore Custom Choppers
Need parts? Need shirts? Need a chop built from scratch? Or just drop in to eyeball the babes... RIDE ON!

What do you want for Xmas!
This site calls it like it is. Choppers, Bobs, Stockers and all things Harley-ish. Sell your scoot for FREE! RIDE ON!

Metric Means "Honda" Right..?

Honda Chopper Tech by BlackJack
This seems like a buncha really good info if you're into building Honda & Jap choppers. Including how to get a brake on that vintage springer... RIDE ON!

Da Bitter End
Bitter End Choppers
These are the guys that built that smokin' shotgun (seriously) chopper. Site sez: "Choppin' ain't easy, but it's necessary". We agree. RIDE ON!

Don't Skip Class
O School Choppers
Now I rarely just put up commercial sites - but these guys show a lotta class! Good site, nice bikes, world class chops HERE and click below to visit the hompage.

Hardcore Choppin'
Black Death 650 Chop
These guys run Black Widow Choppers - but here's a GREAT set of shots of them "hardtailing" a XS650. This is what it's all about...

Here's A Concept
Bikers Against Drunk Drivers
They're B.A.D.D., they're nationwide.

Birds of a Feather
I know you're shocked, we've got a lot in common here. Cool attitude and scooters from the Choppaheads!

Stamp Yer Cash
Let those Mom & Pops know where all that disposable income came from.

Holland Calling
Floris Chopper & Ratbike Site
He's got some definite ideas about how things should look.

Wake Up Screaming
American Nightmare
Shirts that say "Stock Sucks" and other ghastly chopper stuff you just gotta have...

HD & The Marlboro Man
Black Death Motorcycles
Did you just wake up and decide you had to have the scooter Mickey Rourke rode in the movie HD & The Marlboro Man? Well, these guys can help you out...

Maltese Wheels
MacLeod Manufacturing
When you just gotta have them Iron Cross wheels...

Hand Built with Luv
Chopper Enterprises
Makin' it by hand the old fashioned way. They be Old Skool Kool.

Warren loves this stuff
Cyco Choppers
Ok, these guys have really cool custom chopper "lifestyle" stuff  and VERY custom parts.

Colorado's Oldest Club...
Iron Horsemen MC Denver
As some of you may know, things are changing in the Denver club scene. That would make these guys the Oldest patch club in Denver. Check out their site...

Enter at your own risk...
Outlaws World
Nice pix, good links and if it's late at nite the music will keep you going.

Brothers across the seas...
"This is a norwegian site, primary a tribute to the good ol' classic chopper, built by the owner to fullfill his dream of a personal bike, not necessarly a Harley." - sez the owner. Warren sez: check it out!

Trog sez check it out...
Armed Forces MC
National club for active duty and honorably discharged military.

Canadian Drag Guys...
FinishLine Cycle
They like to go fast and got a great pix of "bones" on a flathead. Check 'em out...

Web biker just starting out...
Biker Life
A biker lifestyle mag just starting on the web. Great opening photo! It sez: "No Frills". Give him a click...

Started in England in 1973 
Chopper Club
...and now the biggest custom bike club in Europe, if not the world, building and riding some of the best bikes around.

Take a Sacred moment...
Sacred Cycles
Some kool stuff here. HA Leathers (which I've checked out and are way nice) and bikes from PAG. Give him a visit.

I come from the land down under...
Ozbike, Australia's outlaw biker lifestyle magazine, features outlaw biker concerts, party action, women, burn-outs and dirt drags. (That's whut they say - I say, check it out! Warning: Some shots o' women with very little in the way of clothing..)

Maybe they're just crazy...
Bad Motorcycles for Bad People
So I get it...they're bad. There's some real crazy people (see riding in blizzard photos) doing crazy stuff and there's some scoots of the insane nature. I kinda like it...

From the land of the rising sun...
Killer Japanese Choppers! this is wild. I get this email from "MOTOR CYCLES DEN" which is a shop in Japan that builds killer choppers. I'm talking knucks and shovels - HD not Honda. Warren sez: "check it out!"

Fresh and Untested...
Ain't Risk Free!
People send me lotsa links, and while I wanna surf everything, I think I'm gonna put a bunch of them here and let you draw your own conclusions.

NitrosMike's kool site....
Home for the Homeless Biker
"After numerous requests and positive input from friends, bikers and web surfers I have decided to maintain and keep Home for the Homeless Biker up and running as a service to all bikers and my clean and sober brothers & sisters everywhere."

lawnmower.jpg (12200 bytes) Easyriders loves these guys...
HD Motorsports
This is the home of Sonny DePalma, and he slings some mean paint. These guys do all kinda stuff...including the flamed out lawnmower shown here. RIDE ON!

Serious Paintjobs!
Crazy Horse Paint
This award-winning paint-lady really has it together. I wuz droolin' over some Heritage sheet-metal...and I don't even have a Heritage! RIDE ON!

Something for nothing dept.
Spider's Free Harley Help
He's a factory trained mechanic who gives out advice and a buncha other stuff. RIDE ON!

Caught in the web...
Index of the HD Web Ring
More site links than you can shake a stick at. Seriously, you can burn up days...RIDE ON!

Can you say FTF, do ya know what it means?
Loon's World
Geez, a crazy Canadian biker with that Iron Horse patch-flippin' thing going on. RIDE ON!

List from HELL!
MC-Firmor, MC-Klubbar
Who has enough time in life to build a links list this huge? There's businesses and European MC clubs all over the place. RIDE ON!

Not just another magazine...
Outlaw Biker
The site from the folks who brought you the magazine. You know you gotta read it. RIDE ON!

Norsk Choppers REALLY Rule
Raiders MC
All the way from Trondheim, Norway. MC bros have a cool site. Some even in English! RIDE ON!

More Scandinavian Craziness.
Sweden, Norway, Denmark...hell, it snows 364 days a year so they have plenty of building time. RIDE ON!

Clean and insane.
Sober Biker
All kinds of opinion, attitude and bunches of links from a sober biker dude. RIDE ON!

More stuff later...

- Warren F.

What's it all about? I've spent a little time on the electronic blacktop known as the web. Where do I go to hang out? Check out the list o' links stuff. If you've got a URL that you want included...just drop me a line HERE and let me know. If I like it, I'll stick it in. All this stuff is at my descretion and in my spare time - so no snivelin'. AND...if it's got hard core content (you know what I mean) it's no way, Jose.

Big Disclaimer: Hell, I have no idea what other people put on their websites, and I'm certainly not responsible if you run into something YOU don't like. Travel at your own risk.

- Warren F.