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Just a few road rules:
1) I get to approve or disapprove of every video before it goes live.
2) We will NOT accept videos that would have a movie rating worse than "R" - you know what I'm talking about here.
3) We will NOT accept videos that are just an ad for services. If you've got a story to tell, that's cool, if you just wanna advertise something, you gotta pay for that.
4) If you send something up that's illegal you may be held responsible for the contents.
5) This is supposed to be fun for everybody, so let's not get ugly here, OK?

XMas Childrens Hospital Ride!
Warren and Wendy and Snake go for a SideCar Christmas

The Denver Children's Hospital Toy Run is one event we never miss - plus Santa shows up on a chopper! Now you can RIDE ALONG.

Bolt On Chopper
Warren Installs The Seegercycle(FS) Chopper Kit Front End

We figured we'd just put a link for the video right here: WATCH VIDEO

NOTE: To clear up any confusion - there are two bolt on chopper kits. The one from Seegercycle shown here (also known as the "FS" kit) and one manufactured by AME. The FS kit is aluminum and the AME is chrome steel. You can visit them online at

If you want to see more about the Seegercycle Chopper Kit go HERE for part I or HERE for Part II

Warren gets greasy!
Cheap-Ass FLTC Rebuild.
Warren is a real cheap check out the saga of the Cheap-Ass rebuild! RIDE ON!

Who the heck is Mike?
Tech Tips with Mike.
I got this great show from the folks at so I figured I'd share. This guy has got more attitude than Warren (and he's pretty full of it...) RIDE ON!


What's it all about? In case you haven't guessed, things have changed a bit on the ol' web in the past few years. You can now send video using the happy Windows Media Player - and I'm not talking goofy-ass quicktime downloads, I'm talking real streaming that lets you watch a bunch of cool programming. All this stuff is encoded so it should work on dial-up as well as "high-speed" connections. The faster your connection, the better it'll look. You'll need the Window Media Player - unless your computer is stone age it probably has it. Anyway, if you need the latest version, try watching one of these videos and it'll automatically update. Unless you have a Mac, in which case you can download the Windows Media Player for Mac or throw that useless boat anchor in the trash and go buy a real computer.

Big Disclaimer: This stuff is fairly rocket science folks. Please don't write me with technical questions - my small dog brain will most likely explode if ya do.

- Warren F.