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Date: Friday, October 11, 2002 5:30 PM

just sittin in korea in a shack a homeless person would'nt sleep in. but hey that is the life i choose. (im in the army in kora with my
family)(wife, 2 boys, and a basset hound) wanna talk about hard times hell im in korea for a year but enuff about me. i so want to get back to the states and start my project (what ever it may turn out to be). i sob while looking at your readers pics wantin a chopper that i can call mine. but so damn expensive i did read about the really easy way but hell i can barely afford
the puff paint haha. but ill get there somday. i guess untill i save up enuff till i can start, till then ill just register for every bike giveaway i can find...hopefully i will win the H-D 1200 sportster on OCT 31 (happy halloween) that would be one hell of a great start. then i could call my self well a rookie biker i guess but untill then keep up the best site around

chris in korea

Guys like you keep this country free! Hopefully someday you'll get that bike of your dreams - or maybe somebody will say "Thanks" for your sacrifices in a two-wheeled fashion. Ya never know...

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a great site you have. And to vent just a little bit to. I am currently building a Kawasaki Z1 900cc chopper. I am using a 12" over narrow Paughco springer, 15x8 rim with a 230
Avon. I know you are not a big tire fan but, on an inline 4 cylinder motor that fat tire should match the fat motor real nice. Yes, I will run a sissy bar! Anyway on to my vent. Quite a few guys blow me crap about my project.
You know the guys on the $25,000 billet barges. These guys haven't been in the game long enough to remember when there were tons of Triumph and rice chops around. They built them back then for the same reason I am building
mine, THE COST! Readily available and cheap. I will have less money in this chop than most of those guys have in B.S. chrome trinkets. And guess what, I can't pick up a Custom Chrome catalog and order my bike. Every part and piece is hammered, cut and welded by me. Hell most of those guys go to the dealer for an oil change. These same guys bash Sportsters and then call Arlen Ness a customizing guru. Remember when all Arlen built was low slung custom sporty's? Hell, that's how he made a name for himself. Remember when it was
about the bikes? Now its a friggin fashion show. Thanks for lettin me vent and keep up the great work.

Couldn't have said it better myself Jonny - glad you found the site. I keep tellin' people "it's about the bikes, stupid" and yes, I've got some old mags somewhere with Arlen Ness sitting on a twin engined sporty with gold leaf paint.

I enjoy your site and the article on the knuck chopper is great. Keep posting those vintage pieces. I'm building a hardtail knuck chop from
scratch and it'll have a lot of the old '70's style (raked, suicide clutch/jockey shift, long narrow springer, etc) along with a few modern
improvements. The brass bucket was cool too. Not the way I'd do it, but that's the cool part. If I wanted to look at pretty pictures of checkbook
Evos I'd buy one of those glossy magazines.


Thanks Al, glad you dig our stuff including the vintage articles. It hit me other other day that in terms of real chopper building, things haven't changed all that much since the late 60's and early 70's - so those articles are really great reference for anyone who want to build a true classic.

Get a clue a**hole - although you didn't admit it you must ride one of those pieces of s**t  out of milWALKee. They don't call it milWALKee for nothing - you idiots end up WALKing home more often than not. My V-4 Honda will run circles around anything harleeeee! Have you ever heard of horsepower, handling, quality, reliability?? Obviously not. I'm surprised you have an e-mail address or even know how to turn on a computer you f**king Neanderthal. And keep the helmet off - do me a favor and splatter your meager brain on the pavement!!!!

Thanks for the comments from the Honda community. You've presented a compelling argument for your cause. I've decided not to publish the above writer's email address, because, after all, I'm a f**king neanderthal. Oh's some response from another Honda rider with a different perspective:

I would just like to respond to the asshole who ran his mouth about his honda being so great and harleys being crap. F**K YOU! and no, I'm not a die-hard HD rider. I'm a CHOPPER RIDER. sumthin I bet this guy has no clue about. my chopper is a 1975 honda c-b 750. and I love this bike. I didn't build it to (get by till I could afford a harley) Its what I wanted. but please know that this turd does not speak for all honda riders. Not all bikes can rule - ONLY CHOPPERS-RULE!   .....dirtyrice  

Hey Cool site!! Here's my 1943 45 Built ? years ago in Alberta, found in a shed 2 years ago in Victoria B.C. Totaly restored now,engine completly reworked by *Sid* . It's a croud pleaser!!
43eng2.jpg (10544 bytes)

Good ridin Bruce!!

I just found your page man. I think I might have been adopted! I didn't think anyone did (or would admit to) thinking the way I do.
Long lost relative??? Choppers are the way to go. Nothing on my bike I can't fix with a torch and a welder. Site looks great man!


I dunno man, send a pic and we'll check out if we're related. If you got a big schnoz, gray hair and bad teeth - we could be brothers!

Hey, warren!!
I just found your site! Who The hell are you?? A Iron Horse Ghost writer? Is this mag. in print or just online? I like it!! Here in "frozen sphincter" Minnesota there are a lot of Harley Riders (or should I say Owners) but only a few bikers! Your sight is the only thing to enlighten me since Iron Horse!! I will keep checking it out!!

Davey the junkman

I've always been a "Horse" fan, in fact those guys wrote me when I first started up. I think they're lookin' to put up an online version. I'll post the URL when I find it.

hey guys hows it going? just checked out your web page and i definatly agree"CHOPPERS RULE"thought i'd send a pic of my ride to see what you think.i build them here in canada..let me know what you think..sid


Here's the pix sid ride...
sid.jpg (36826 bytes)

Hey, I like the site and your attitude. We must be on the same wavelength. I been telling folks for years, "Modify, manufacture, make-do, and add some beg, borrow and trade for sealing material, and you then have the beginnings of a nice motorcyle!". Very few listen...

Thanks, Ruckster...just don't borrow my stuff and we'll get along fine...

Somehow I managed to fall off the weeb right onto your page and Man let me tell ya: " I LOVE IT!" Just plain truth writtin with just the right amount of humor.

So don't change nothin and take this as an encouragement to keep up the good work. I'm bookmarking your page right now

Ride on

It's letters like this that keep me up late at nite hackin'! Hey...YOU out there...drop us a line and we'll see what happens!

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