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. warren1.jpg (24751 bytes)Warning! The New Battle-Cry of the EPA:
Ok - here's the deal as best my addled brain can understand it. Seems the EPA has decided that off-road vehicles (namely dirt bikes and ATVs) have gotta clean up their act pollution-wise. Now, when I see the brown cloud hovering above Denver, I know we gotta do something - but picking on my neighbor's 2 stroke 50cc dirt bike hardly seems the correct answer. I don't know what it is, but I KNOW that's not it.

Now, because these legal guys are always making deals and one "bill" can't say just one thing, they tacked some kinda provision on this bill about street bikes. According to documents posted on the MRF website:

"According to several industry sources close to the off-road technical talks with EPA, street bikes were added as a bargaining chip. The Sierra Club had filed suit against EPA, seeking new restrictions on off-road vehicle emissions sooner rather than later. Having exceeded the deadline for action set in the legal wrangling, EPA returned to the negotiating table to seek more time to achieve new off-road emission standards. Sierra Club acquiesced to the agency's bid for more time when the hope of tighter controls on highway motorcycles were tossed in to sweeten the deal."

You know, I just hate it when someone wants to screw with my lifestyle to "sweeten the deal" - but wait'll you hear what they wanna do. These yahoos wanna apply California Emission Requirements on every new scooter in the country! They want catalytic converters, "non-adjustable" ignitions and devices which prevent "tampering" with the bikes stock systems. Hey folks, in this case, "tampering" means customizing. Oh yeah, they want this to apply to even small-number shops that make bikes - so if "Joe's Chopper Shop" down the block wants to make a coupla' scoots, they gotta comply with California Emission Laws. This, my friends, is a shot against custom bike builders all across the country - we can't let this happen.

I hear your blood boilin' all the way across the web, but here's one case where we'll catch more files with honey than with vinegar. Read this stuff posted on the MRF website. It tells you who to send letters to and what to do. Remember, the EPA probably won't respond well to death threats and boxes filled with cat-box left-overs, so READ what the MRF suggests you say and DO THAT.

This is happening RIGHT NOW and needs your attention. Preserve your right to ride and modify your scooter. Here's the simple steps, people:

1) Read the first article they posted so's you understand what this is about.

2) Ok, now read the next article which says you have more time to respond to the EPA.

3) Here's a copy of what the MRF sent to the EPA. It's pretty long-winded but it covers all the bases.

Here's the MRF outline of what you need to do RIGHT NOW to have your voice heard:

1. If you havenít submitted your public comments, do so:

a. BY MAIL. Send paper copies of written comments (in duplicate if possible) to:Margaret BorushkoU.S. EPANational Vehicle and Fuels Emission Laboratory2000 Traverwood, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

b. VIA E-MAIL. E-mail comments to: :

2. If you havenít written to your Congressman and U.S. Senators, do so. Simply provide them a copy of your public comment.

3. Provide this alert to riders, dealers and custom shops in your area. Donít forget sport-bike riders: they have as much to lose as cruiser riders. Review with them all MRF materials on the issue, and urge that they get involved by providing their comments to EPA and to their Congressman and U.S. Senators.

4. In all correspondence, refer to Docket A-2000-01, the "Control of Emissions From Non-road Large Spark Ignition Engines, Recreational Engines (Marine and Land-Based), and Highway Motorcycles."

Last I checked, this was still a free country where the will of the people will prevail. But, if you DO NOTHING than NOTHING'S GONNA HAPPEN except the loss of your freedom. Here's a copy of the letter I sent 'em:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Vehicle and Fuels Emission Laboratory
2000 Traverwood
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
Via Email:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

As a concerned citizen of the United States, I would like to voice my objection to Docket A-2000-01, the "Control of Emissions From Non-road Large Spark Ignition Engines, Recreational Engines (Marine and Land-Based), and Highway Motorcycles."

I feel that the measures proposed will not have the desired impact (or really any significant impact) in terms of pollution control and will infringe on my rights as a motorcycle owner, builder and operator. I feel that the consequences for the small business owner and the average motorcycle customizer will be devastating.

I view my motorcycle as far more than mere transportation - it's a part of my life, livelihood and soul. While I applaud the EPA in all efforts to clean up our environment and reduce pollution, I believe that the measures set forth in Docket A-2000-01, the "Control of Emissions From Non-road Large Spark Ignition Engines, Recreational Engines (Marine and Land-Based), and Highway Motorcycles" are unreasonable and unnecessary. I'm personally committed to all legal actions permitted that will insure the defeat of this proposal.

Warren Fuller