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Guest Editorial - Scooter Trash Sez:
It's Gonna Get Worse

Hello Brothers, and Sisters, I’m Dave, most of you know me to some extent, if only to have read some of my ramblings in the past, those of you that know me well, know me as Scooter Trash. I’m writing this, the first appearance of “Scooter Trash Sez”, out of a feeling of utter frustration, and Heart Felt Sadness at the loss of yet another of our Brothers.

As you probably well know, we have suffered twice in the last couple of months, both felt all the way to our souls. Evident in the wise words of our beloved Warren on the subject of helmets, again, not a topic of debate here, or there. Neither are my words meant to be the last, or best views on the senseless, endless river of carnage that I have borne witness to for so many years, let it be enough that they are my words, and views, expressed to an audience of Family.

I don’t know how much any of you know about me, but I’ll tell you a few small things. I am 52 years old, not yet elderly, but old enough to have stiff knees, calluses on my butt, and a leather face after untold hundreds of thousands of miles on the sometimes unforgiving seat of a motorcycle, soaking up the blazing sun of the mid summer desert. I started screwing around with motorcycles at the tender age of 14, and never looked back, that’s just shy of 40 years, during which I’ve seen those that I love both enjoy life, and the lifestyle we have chosen, and lose that life in the very pursuit of that enjoyment. I also have spent the last 22 plus years as a professional Fireman. It is the latter that has opened windows, and shown me the harsh reality of the things that people do to each other on a daily basis, not to mention the bad things that happen to the best of people. If this sounds a little cynical, just hold on, it’s gonna get worse.

In my 22 years “on the job” I have, as you might imagine, seen many terrible, and utterly amazing things, as well as some of the funniest, most amusing situations you can think of. In those 22 years I have laughed, and wondered aloud why I don’t write a book, and have also cried hot, bitter tears over the injustices of Life, and the untimeliness of Death. After all I have seen, been to, and ministered to, the one thing that still never ceases to amaze me is the absolutely insane, thoughtless, reckless, and purely deadly things that people do with their automobiles. This includes Trucks, RV’s, SUV’s, and yes Motorcycles. I am truly surprised that we don’t kill 20,000 people a year in the City of Denver alone.

There seems to be an attitude of not only indestructibility, but immunity to any type of rule, or regulation once behind the wheel. The way traffic rules and laws are ignored, and generally disregarded is, I believe the main cause for our streets being the killing field that they have become, this includes the 18 year old on the 180 h.p. Rice Rocket that will do 200mph straight from the showroom, and the drunk that has no idea where they are, nor what they have done. And it’s gonna get worse. I have noticed, and said to many, usually a captive audience, that people don’t die “Out there”, on an open highway in the middle of the Monument Valley doing 80mph, or doing a wonderfully twisty road through the Black Hills we all Love so much. It’s on the surface roads of our cities and towns, the intersections of our suburbs, and the driveways of our shopping centers that we leave our life.

The people behind the wheel probably didn’t get up that morning thinking, “Gee, I think I’ll kill a Biker today”, but through their lack of consideration for others on the street, and a general “F—k You” attitude toward others they often do just that. “You’re not gonna get in front of me”, “I’m not gonna stop for you, I’m making my turn”, “You can’t slow me down, I’m in my car”, and that’s not the worst of it. I said earlier that it’s gonna get worse, and it is. These attitudes have been around for some time, although not as prevalent in years gone by as today, but there is an element that has been combined with them in the last decade or so that is really unsettling.

It’s bad enough that someone, through arrogance, or ignorance would hit another motorist, let alone the most vulnerable person on the road, the Biker, but today the secondary insult is to leave the scene. How could someone smash into another person, causing untold bodily injury, or death, and then have the utmost of arrogance, and flee from the scene in an attempt to avoid answering for what they have done. I say to you , this is The ultimate act of a Coward. To have done someone such grievous harm, and not even attempt to help them, or stay with them until help arrives.

This situation has become so prevalent in the City of Denver that to actually find two drivers at the scene of an accident is a rare thing. Where does this come from? This attitude that no one matters but me, or I better get away, the cops are coming. The ultimate irony is that so many are driving without insurance that they run to avoid facing responsibility for that, and if caught, face ten times the trouble they would have if they wouldn’t have run. Wow, I thought it was compulsory to have insurance in the State of Colorado, Hmm, I guess only compulsory for those that tend to obey the law in the first place, and anyway, the police don’t generally pursue the hit and run driver, unless there is a fatality, it costs too much. That’s what I was told by a retired Denver Police “Accident Investigator”. Hm, an oxymoron it seems, I asked him what he did for a living, and he didn’t have an answer, and it’s not their fault, it’s the dictates of the City, and the Courts that make this such a joke. Not many laughs here.

And it’s gonna get worse.

This sharp escalation in hit and run accidents shadows the increase in the last decade of illegal immigration, along with the numbers of uninsured motorists on our streets. I’m sure there will be an outcry at this little revelation, but it’s the truth. That is the dirty little secret no one seems to be willing to address, and is the other reason to run from the scene, no “Green Card”. This, my friends is why I said it’s gonna get worse. There is no end in sight to the influx of illegal aliens, nor is there any relief to be expected from our government. They seem to think that by mandating the use of helmets, leg protectors, orange vests, and God knows what other contraptions some geek that has never thrown a leg over a motorcycle comes up with we will, somehow, be protected from this element in our midst that will kill us, and flee, seemingly without remorse.

Isn’t it amazing? I told you,,, it never ceases to amaze me. I need to say that I haven’t intended to make any kind of political statement, nor have I attempted an indictment of any particular group of people, but only to put the hard truth in front of you in words not usually put in print for all to see. I certainly don’t have all the answers, in fact, I don’t think I have any answers, but I do know what I see, and have been seeing, and for the last 38 years it hasn’t gotten any better.

So, I expect we will continue to see our Brothers, and Sisters fall, continue to go to the Hospitals, I’ll continue to pick up the broken bodies, helpless to fix the broken lives that go along with them, we’ll continue to go to the Funerals, and to cry, and to hold one another, and try in some small way to quiet the voice that continues to say,,”It’s Gonna Get Worse”. We’ll continue because we will continue to Ride, Live, and Love because that’s who we are, and I know I’m not about to allow anyone to take that away from me, and from what I know about those I hold dear, neither will You. With all the Love I can send to those that have lost, you will be remembered, always, and thought of often.

-Scooter Trash

A note from Warren:
Yeah, well - it ain't all fun and games out there folks. We'd like to see you hang around long enough to die of old age. Hopefully, this will be the first in a series of editorials from our good friend Scooter Trash - he's forgotten more about bikes than most of us know! And as Wendy always sez before I launch into some fool modification: "What does Trash say?"