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Choppers Rule Awards Page
A lot of folks are finding out about Choppers Rule, and I guess a lot of folks like what they see, 'cause they keep sending me awards. That's kool...but I can't stick 'em all on my home page, because it would take to long to load. And hey, the last thing I wanna do is take OUT pictures of bikes to put in pictures (and links) of awards. So...I'm putting them all on this page!

"We look for sites that look good and DO something; sites that provide information not readily available elsewhere; sites that take advantage of the interactive capabilities of the Web; sites that blow our minds with their completeness or coolness."
-100 Great Colorado Web Sites
Mile High Tech Section 1/4/99
Choppers Rule 1st Award!"Congratulations!!  You have been nominated and won Big Daddy's Award for Excellence.  I really dig your site good luck."

This guy runs a raging party picture site! WARNING: Some stuff may not be suitable for younger viewers. Click the award to visit the site!

An Award For Choppers Rule!"After reviewing your site, it's apparent that you have worked long and hard to build one people would actually like to see! I commend you on your LACK
of smut use and 50-or-so links to an "officially-Licensed" page. Great job, and I'm proud to send you this Award."

To visit the site that gave the award to Choppers Rule...just click on the award.