So I get this email that says "Your Sister Photos" - now I don't know about the rest of you but I get a helluva lotta email that asks me about my sex life, my mortgage, if I'd like to see some pictures of sheep in stockings, etc. so I was just about to delete these "sister" pictures - but luckily, I didn't. See, the bike is called "Your Sister". I get it - nothin' better than riding your sister (I mean, YOUR sister - not MY sister, hell, I don't even have a sister).

Derek Writes-
Hello Warren here's some photos of the whole bike, one with some old timer who snuck into it too. Having the little stroker motor and weighing only 475 lbs wet the bike is real responsive and a blast to bomb around on. The stock geometry and light springer front end make the bike very nimble. Keeping the riding position and bike geometry near stock make this a very comfortable bike to ride; this bike is going to be my touring ride next year.

Now this is one clean-ass panhead built in the classic style. The frame's not all chopped up - but it has all the "just right" chopper touches.