Can I tell you that I just flat out love the kidney cover on the panhead and the shovel from 66 to 69. There's something about it that just hints at a case full of fast running, close meshing, grease covered gears banging out the power that you need to take you done the road of life. It ain't high tech and it ain't leakproof - but the deal is simple, it's 100% practical, simple engineering built with a purpose. The twin Dell'Orto carb rocks - even cooler than a side-draft Weber and an SU doesn't even come close. Now, you'll have to spend some happytime in the garage to get it working right - but it's simply not something you're gonna see or even FIND at every swap meet and club show.

Now, you'll recall I had some clearance issues with that giant carb hanging out there - but nothing 4 and a half inches of turned aluminum couldn't cure. Again, thanks to Irish Rich for creating this part from thin air.

Dig my wild oil lines, baby? Yup, that's a BDL FXST clutch hub hooked up to a panhead without a backing plate. Seems to be holding fine...


What Would Warren Build Part 5