Here you are looking into the front of the frame and you can see how the oil filter fits in there nice and snug.

Same shot as above but with the black filter screwed into place. I doubt you'll see another Pan on the road with this rig. Keep in mind that the alternator on the left spins when the motor is running.

The right forward control mounts had clearly been bent over time and I was worried that if I tried to bend them back I would just snap them off. They seemed pretty stable right where they were, so I "angle-ground" a washer to change the angle of the forward control as it came off the frame. From a safety standpoint, this is probably a real bad idea - but we'll attend to this later once we solve some bigger issues. The trick here seemed to not let ourselves get "snagged" on smaller problems that would prevent us from forward motion.

Overhead view shows that my eye-balled ground worked pretty well as the control seems to be pretty much at a right angle with the motor. Kinda. Maybe. If you squint.


What Would Warren Build Part 4