So here you have the view from the front wiht that giant Del'Orto sticking in your face. You can see why you'd need that little brake extension to get things to work.

And speaking of pedals - on the other side I rigged up this strange conglomeration of years and parts. For those of you in the know - you'll recognize a 94-99 engine-mounted oil filter plate attached to the left shifter pedal using extended bolts and spacers on the top two holes. It's not a "bolt on" as it did take a bit of grinding - but the look is ultra cool. Remember, we have a short alternator sticking out where the generator used to be - so there's more space across the front of the motor.

The "Pilots Eye" view of the right brake pedal. Safe? Boy howdy - you betcha!

I used these little Doss marker lights as turn signals below the control electrics to give me signals but keep that big, long front end relatively clean.


What Would Warren Build Part 4