Oil hose wraps around the funky manifold. You just won't see one of these on every showroom floor.

New oil pump in place. The oil pump had been tapped for the outside oil lines, but now we had to find another place for access to pressurized oil.

And here it is - the old oil screen bolt (the screen itself being rendered useless by the use of solid lifters).

Honestly - the motor is in the frame, would I lie to you?




Oil me up, man. That was my next concern. This is a top-oiling shovelhead bolted onto a 64 panhead bottom so we had to pay attention to how that black gold was going to keep everything from degenerating into a smoldering mass of locked up melted rubble.

I scored this strange dual oil cable and a new-style oil pump before I took the motor to Scott. He decided that since the came cover wasn't the right year (no oil bolt) that he would tap a hole into the oil screen screw - and that's just what he did. It makes a bunch of sense when you think about it, and worked swell with my dual outside oiler hose.

It wraps nicely around the funky dual throat (kinda) manifold