Check out this cool looking rear brake custom job. Cheap, and I think it might actually stop the scoot!

Toothy rear sprocket - will this cause problems later? We'll find out...

Seriously, there's a motor in the frame now. It only took, like, two years. I'm slower than snail spit.

Before applying the spiffy "aircraft quality" clamps.




So I had this banana caliper rig on the rear and was ready to go with that, but  Noooooo, I spent some time staring at the bike and realized that it was silly to have a dual PM (Pricey Mother) on the front wheel and an old banana caliper on the back. I know that 90% for your stopping power is supposed to come from your front wheel, but not when your running a front end this long - I'm looking for drag factor from the rear wheel.

So I dug around and found a caliper that looked like it would work on the front end, so that allowed me to liberate the PM. A quick trip to eBay and $10 secured and old Texas Ironhorse brake caliper bracket (I think) and then I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out how all this should go together and came up with this rig. Yeah, the caliper is kinda low, but I think it looks cool.

I went to yet another motorcycle shop going-out-of-business auction here in Denver and wound up with an 11.5 GMA chrome n' polished steel floating rotor for $50 (was $350!) and it bolted right on to my hub, so I figure I'm good to go, plus the whole rig looks like I spent a pile of cash and I bet it'll stop like a big dog - we'll see, eh?

I also bolted the rear sproket to the hub wiht a pack of chrome bolts I bought at the same auction for $2, I don't know if this sprocket is gonna be OK, it's got 49 teeth, I think, so we'll have to see if it ends up fitting or not. Chrome looks good, though.