The mighty Dell'Orto ready to be installed (with the exception of the lack of filter).

Motor in frame! We got motor in frame! This is getting close now (not really).

Clean wiring - the key to a happy and successful life.

The manifold loosely in place for fitment.




Ok - good thing we're not on any time frame here. Several months have gone by since "What Would Warren Build 2" or WWWB2 as it's come to be known.

I got the Dell'orto done and ready to mount and I sold it's twin brother to some guy in California through the magic of eBay. When you think about it, you don't really have to worry about buying the wrong part anymore - because if it doesn't fit or if it doesn't work for your build, there's always some guy who'll buy it for what they're doing. It really takes the pressure off of trying to do complicated fitment, if you get the wrong thing, you can always sell it for almost what you paid for it. In some cases, I've had stuff that I decided not to use go for MORE than what I paid for it -but if you wanna hear that story you have to attend my "How To Become Rich and Famous by Buying Ill-fitting Parts on eBay and Then Suckering Others Into Attending A Seminar for $100 To Find Out How You Sold Them To Some Mouth-Breather in Boise"

Oh yeah - I got the motor back from Scott's Motors (the best kept secret in Denver) after it finally got to the front of the motor building line because Trash's panhead kept smoking and he kept jumping out of line because Scott likes him better - but that TOO is another story.