Strange object found in spaceship after it landed in my garage. Take me to your leader...

Ok, here's a wacky shot - the entire drive kinda mocked up on my workbench to see how the inner primary will mate with the trans now that I've ground it up.

You can see that there is now air where there used to be holes for bolts. How will this play out? Dunno. Check out the pix below to see other contact points with the clutch hub that will have to be dealt with ("dealt with" = ground right the hell off there).


Now some folks have nothing but trouble at the "Dealer" - you know, the local authorized Harley shop. Well, I explained to the guys at the counter what I was doing (and other than tell me I was crazy) they mentioned that they had a huge stock of take-off stuff that I could dig through. Most of their customers want brand spanky new stuff installed for them and don't give a hoot about hose nasty, greasy used parts.

Well, after a bit of digging in "the attic" I came up with an outer primary and inner primary that were in perfectly usable condition. I was planning on painting or powdercoating these so finish didn't matter as long as they weren't chrome. I asked the guy what he wanted for the inner and outer primary and he said "$40", well - I figured $80 for a complete set was a great deal and thanked him. He told me, no - not $40 each, $40 for BOTH. Needless to say, my 20s hit the counter before he could have the opportunity to change his mind. For once (and after all those years of list price) I got a deal from the dealer!