Looks like it might actually work...

Yeah, that's a hydraulic clutch actuator I got off eBay. It's a Pro-1 "second" - but if there's a nick on it, I can't find it. It was pretty cheap, under a hundy as I recall.

Carb parts from Europe that got to me via www.motorcyclecarbs.com - they were great to deal with.



You can see how the trans fits in and the final drive gear will work with a chain. There's some other funky seals I think I gotta use, because basically this is a softail conversion to a chain drive (even though it's going into a swingarm frame).

I went with a hydraulic Pro-1 clutch actuator from eBay. I got a great price on it because it was a second, tho' I couldn't find anything wrong with it. It looks very cool and will allow me to route the clutch "cable" (actually an old brake line I had lying around) without worrying about keeping the line straight for pull. I did have to get another hydraulic reservoir for the handlebars for the left hand side. It still looks pretty cool on the Z-bars because both reservoirs are pre-8o's style.

Italian Carb HELL! (Well, not really). I ordered a bunch of parts for my Dell'ortos from motorcyclecarbs.com. Some stuff got mixed up, but they sent another order and made it right. They were really good to deal with and really seemed to know their stuff about these bizarre carbs I'm stuck on using. Oh, SCORE - got a manifold on eBay that marries Dell'ortos carbs to a shovel motor. This is a fairly hard part to find as Rivera doesn't make them anymore.

I bought the book "
How to install a Dell'orto DHLA carb on a Harley although we have no idea why anyone would want to try this stupid shit" and went through the carb jet-by-jet checking that it was set up properly for a mid-sized shovel. Most of the jets seemed either to be the right thing or pretty close...I hope...