Motor finally on a rolling stand in the back of the truck. I just decided to let someone who really knows motors check this baby out before I bolted it into the frame.

Oh yeah - here's that funky grinded-out 5 speed stuck in a four speed frame. Seems to fit pretty good, but maybe I'm just kidding myself here.

Checking for fitment - I got a chain drive sprocket on the softail 5-speed trans and stuck my skinny BDL on the shaft.


Where did we leave off - I know many, many months have gone by and several issues have been solved and several other issues have cropped up. Anyway - let's get back to building this mutant chop...

BIG DISCLAIMER: If you do anything you read in this article and it screws up your bike or your life, it's not my fault. Do all or any of this at your own risk. Always consult a professional mechanic before you attempt anything on your own.

Some good stuff - my Nephew Colt ("The Bolt Man") and I spent some quality time and actually did the finally assembly on the five speed. Didn't take any pictures because I was actually too damn busy building the thing. It went together pretty smooth once I got a new bearing pressed into the case. I played it right by the book, using the Harley manual and following it pretty much step-by-step (ok, it wasn't for the correct year, but I think it's pretty close, I hope).