Greymelon's oil bag hanging by some footpegs straps and cheap strapping. I was just getting a feeling for how this would fit. A wise mechanic once told me never to use a round oil tank - that it would break free and short out all my electrics. I decided to ignore his advice.

Well, I got it in position, but this is some pretty ugly metalworking. I decided I didn't want alter the frame in any way (it was already chopped way over - so I don't really know what I was thinking here). So I ordered a bunch of cheap-ass exhaust brackets from JC Whitney and made a permanent version of the mess you see here.


Now it's stable - two 1 inch exhaust straps wiht a seven inch chrome bar spanning the space between the frame. The rear is hung from the frame crossmember.


I have the stock oil bag rig for this bike - but I decided two things - first, if I was gonna use it with my planned transmission I was gonna have to cut it up pretty bad and I had this great octagonal oil bag that was made for me by Greymelon that was sitting around growing rust and it was just beggin' to be used.

You can see how he put this bag together from raw metal by checkin' out our previous article HERE.

See, this chop was never planned. It just kinda came together as some things do in life - a part here and a part there.

I knew that from a philosophical (ooh, big word) standpoint, I wanted to build something cool that no one else had, something that I could do with only "subtractive" metalworking - like modifying and grinding, not welding and it had to be CHEAP! This was not gonna be some $50,000 billet wonder. This was gonna be more of a eBay special. If I got a GREAT deal on each and every part - how could go wrong? Well, stay tuned...