De Frame: It all starts like this - a frame up on a lift. Of course, I kind of have a leg up here because this was once a running scooter that had all it's drive components yanked out. I bought the frame, sheetmetal and front end as a package deal from my buddy Prophet who decided he wanted to build a bobber.

Prophet and I had a deal that if he ever decided to get rid of just this frame, I would have dibs. So once he started building his bobber (which we'll show somewhere else in ChoppersRule) the mails started flying back and forth about how to make this thing happen.

So once I acquired the frame, it sat for a long time at Hardcore Custom Choppers while I put together enough parts to get the damn thing rolling. Bill and his crew bolted on a box of stuff I brought them  - including a used rear tire (thanks, Rowdy) and a buncha eBay swag that make up just enough of a rear end to roll the bike around.


Seems when you run one of the top chopper sites on the web - which, thanks to your loyal readership, this site is - people ask you a lotta questions assuming you're an expert. Well, expert I ain't. I'm a guy with a small garage attached to my house who loves riding and working on bikes.

I don't wrench for a living and I'm certainly no expert on what fits what or how all this stuff goes together.

BIG DISCLAIMER: If you do anything you read in this article and it screws up your bike or your life, it's not my fault. Do all or any of this at your own risk. Always consult a professional mechanic before you attempt anything on your own.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way - just because I write a lot about bikes, they ask me what the hell I'm working on. So we're calling this article (or series of articles, actually) What Would Warren Build because I am (big surprise) in the midst of an ongoing project and some people (especially actual mechanics) will probably find my build and techniques highly amusing.

Some of this stuff I decided to plan out - and some of it I decided I would just "wing" and see what happened.