Sometimes I guess it's all about family. And sometimes it's what's in the family that counts - I'm talking stuff buried back in the garage -not Uncle Ed snoring in a lazy-boy.

Apparently the fine chop you see here has been "in the family" for quite a while, and was passed on from brother to brother (well, not without a little cash changing hands). This has to be one of the finest examples I've ever seen of classic 70's style chopper building - talk about keeping it "old school"... This isn't one of those aluminum framed, off-the-shelf motored stretched out ugly-bobs masquerading as "classic" - this is the stuff I was droolin' over in the chopper mags when I was a teen.

Here is my ride. This bike was my older brothers. He chopped it back in the 70's Then it went down in'86 til I bought it from him in pieces in 2002. I completely redid everything, keeping it original Old School! Took me 3+ years, but unveiled last summer. Hope you guys like it.

Well, seriously now - what's not to like here? I suggest all you wannabee chopper builders out there click on the supersize button, print out the pictures and use this as a guide for "Chopper Done Right"