Call ‘em mini-harlees, beginner bikes, halfaharly…whatever. The fact on the face of the matter is there are just a boatload of sporties out there in the free world which means they’re primo chopper material. You can usually get ‘em cheap and with a little bit of elbow grease and some hackin’ and grinding come away with a fairly respectable chopper.

Some guys I know spit on sporties with a vengeance and some guys I know won’t ride anything else. I know the first HD I bought was a sporty and to this day I’m kinda sorry I ever let it go. I’ve seen sporties go for ten grand in the paper (yeah, whatever) and I bought one with mouse crap all over it for $600.

I used to ride with a club that had a member who was a great big dude. His wife was no small fry either. They had this totally cool chocolate brown sporty chop with almost no brakes whatsoever. I’m talking nothing on the front wheel and an old mechanical on the rear. The problem was, when they got a little momentum going’…there was just no stopping them. Many a time we’d pull up to a stoplight and the whole column would stop except for poor Joe who’d go winging through the intersection screaming “Look out! Look out!”

Another buddy of mine did some kinda strange trade for a beat sporty that hadn’t been started since 1972. He and some bros dragged it down stairs to this guy’s basement pad and proceeded to bring it back to life. They squirted all manner of fluids and potions at it and kicked and kicked and kicked until….it roared to life and burst into flames. They got it put out but the pad never smelled the same again.

You’ve probably got some great sporty stories and I’d love ta hear ‘em. But this little piece is about guys who’ve already been down that road and put up some pretty cool iron (or ironheads). Feast your eyes on what folks around the country have done with their sportsters and maybe you’ll get some ideas or just glean a little inspiration on what you could do with that old hunka’ ironhead sitting beside the garage under a tarp. Let’s take a coulpa’ pages and pay homage to the smallest Harley – the Sportster!


Glad to see your selling s**t now. I'll buy from you soon as you are the man.

So, here are my sleds.

One is a an 82 ironhead. Got me pretty busted cause the numbers were bad...fixed that problem by buying my moter back from the coppers/insurance company. Now she's legal. F**k it.

Anyway, pictures ain't great


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