The end result of the overloading of the chopper market with frames and wheels and every kind of accessory you could possibly gear up half of China to pump out was that SOMETIMES you could get a killer deal on an American product that was really pretty nice. Thus the origins of the Snake Bike for $650.

That's right - I scored a Santee Wide Tire Softail Frame complete with swing arm for a mere $650 bucks. Another $90 got it to my door step. It's a 300 wide tire frame with 4 inches up and 6 inches out creating about a 42 degree rake. Actually, if set up correctly, a pretty rideable combination with the correct front end.

I was never going to fall prey to the lure of the big fat back tire - but at these prices this stuff just kinda fell into my lap saying "I'm cheaper than NOT building a wide tire bike, so why the hell not build one? If I can put together a wide tire scooter for the same price as OR LESS than a hardtail - you know it's a screwy market, but you also know you shouldn't look this kind of gift horse in the mouth. I like fat tires NOT AT ALL - Buuuuut, when faced with the proposition of being able to wrench one out at a killer discount...what can I say? My mouth gets dry, my palms sweat and I start making small, animal-like gurgling noises.


What Would Warren Build NEXT?

The Saga of The Snake Bike

So there I was leaning over a hardtail frame beginning the process of fitting the rear axle through the wheel and then lining it all up real nice on this Paughco frame that I had when a voice inside my  head said "What the hell are you doing?" Not being one too terribly used to having conversations with myself I responded "Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my head?" I then replied to myself "I'm the voice of reason you dull blade - what do you think you're doing?" I was getting really pissed at myself now and spat back "I'm bolting the rear wheel up to a hardtail frame, butthead. What's it LOOK like I'm doing?" I was clearly not hitting it off with myself but I managed to maintain my civility by responding "Just that - bolting a wheel to a hardtail frame - what's wrong with that?" I could see that I was clearly unclear on the concept "YOU CAN'T RIDE A HARDTAIL!"

It hit myself like a brick when I realized that I was right no matter which one of me was on my side and which of other of me was against me.

The truth was there, plain as day - if you'd read the last two articles about the building of Frankenstein you'd know that I have been undergoing no small health issues involving my back - yet here I was, bolting a rear wheel to a hardtail frame.