Once again (third year in row) I couldn't go to The Horse Backstreet Choppers Smoke Out East in Salisbury N.C....but two things DID change this year:

1) My friend Chuck sent me literally HUNDREDS of photos from the event which I have assembled into one ass-kicking, massive slide show.


This is seriously worth your time. I recommend you grab a cold one from the fridge, fire up a cigar the size of your head, crank up the tunes and pretend (as I did) that you were there. Enjoy.

2) The ChoppersRule.com Crew DID go to The Horse Backstreet Choppers Smoke Out West 06 in Cottonwood, AZ. We had SUCH a fine time I can't even begin to tell you about it here - but soon you'll have hundreds of pictures followed by tons of pithy commentary provided by me, your faithful chopper-lovin' guide to fun - Warren Fuller.

Oh yeah, here's a LINK to the site put up by the fine folks at The Horse telling about next year's event.