May the Horse Be With You.

Hell, The Horse Backstreet Choppers has been around for more than five years now, and before that it was "Iron Horse" - but anybody who knows anything about choppers knows this stuff. I guess my favorite time in motorcycle journalism was the last few issues of the the old Iron Horse when stuff was really falling apart. There were all these hate articles on the web and folks were jumping from the rag like rats from a sinking ship. Some new editor was hired to clean up the rag and make it more "mainstream" - that didn't fly.

From the ashes arose The Horse: the home of the backstreet, bare-knuckled, ass-kicking chopper - and it's been that way ever since. Well, no "movement" is complete with out it's annual gathering, and it appears that the "Smoke Out" has been gathering steam year after year. I was actually gonna go this year - but seriously, it was a 1600 mile trip from Denver, so I had my buddy Chuck send me some pictures instead.

Now you can check 'em out too.