Ded Hed better than Ahead of Skull Island, Huh?

The Incredible coffin bike that stopped living and became a chopped funeral hearse for biker zombies.

You wake up and it's black, real black. Blacker than it's ever been before in your life. You can't move your arms or legs as you feel like you're inside some sort of box. The air is thin, cold and smells of dirt. Again, you try to see - but can get nothing. You free your right hand from under your side and feel velvet - soft velvet. You make your way up the side of your "bed" and realize that you've found a seam, the kind of seam that would be between two box halves. The kind of seam that would be in a coffin. You try to hold back the screams, but they just keep coming. You've been buried alive. You're a biker ZOMBIE!