I get a lotta email and hear a lotta stuff from folks about bike building. But the thing that ticks me off the most is when I hear excuses. "Warren" they whine "I can't build a chopper 'cause I'm broke, I'm too young, I'm too busy, etc. etc."

That's why when I got this email from Transgesor (that's what we're gonna call him) telling me about this scooter - I knew we had a NO EXCUSES kid. And hey, I do mean kid. Our buddy Transgesor is just 15 years old and built his first chopper out of a backyard disaster he bought for $1000. So don't tell me you ain't got the money or whatever. Just check out what Transgesor put together while he was in the 10th grade!

Bikes are in my blood, my dads ridden since he was 16, and hasn't stopped yet, they said my first word was vroom/vroom (the sound dads bike made), no joke the first thing I ever said was vroom/vroom.