So while I'm putting this article together (ok, maybe a couple of days or weeks later) I get another email from him that's kinda what's going through my head - maybe great Roaches think alike:

"warren..... gotta tellya. today they had this "biker build/jerk off "marathon. watched a buncha rich assholes build these 6 figure unrideable bikes. called themselves "chopper builders". i am so fed up with this "chopper thing" i believe im goin to dismantle the "speedbump special". i think mebbe if i hear "old skool" again im gonna hurt someone. yea sure i built my "chopper" but im almost ashamed to show it out.

go ahead an run the pics i sent but..... sometime in the next coupla days i may go berserk with the torch. iffn i do i`ll send them pics also. i love yer site an what yer doin, i just cant stand where "bike building" is going today."

So ya never know - but you can be sure I'll keep ya posted with the best from Mr. Roach.

- Warren