"the "speedbump special" chopper project is about done. been dikkin with it fer a year anna half. gonna fire it raw with no paint and extremely ugly (rusto-rod?) and theres some consideration of leavin it that way. i could i suppose spend a buncha money on paint an billett an chrome..... but then, this is phoenix so i dont really need paint(plus im sick to death of seein flat black everywhere i go), sure don wanna spend all them bucks on shit ya gotta polish like chrome an billett. so i`ll probly run it the way it is.
heres sum pics fer ya."

So I've been sitting her in Denver thinking about chopping up an evo inner primary to run an open skinny belt, and it looks like The Roach has done just that - tho' I can't quite tell from the pictures. But I gotta say I love his metalworking!