And, a picture of one of the two (front and back) crosses right after the rough cut (no sanding).

And, after a clean-up with the chipping hammer and a pneumatic sander.

Since the gusset is curved and we wanted the tank to look like it is merely a thicker version of the same, we put oxy-ace torch to it and bent it around a piece of the original partial pipe (same radius) that we made the gusset from. This is the result.


Well, we've all been pretty damn busy over the fall and into the winter - but Big Daddy's been making progress. I guess things just take a bit longer when you really give a shit about what you do - and that is CLEAR in this chapter. I have never seen anybody spend as much time on one part as this oil tank - but when it's all said and done, ol' BD has something no one else bike-building class.

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