Bitter End – Old School Choppers’ “Midnight Marauder”

Chapter VI

By Big Daddy Al Wilkerson

This time we follow our 2 week straight quest to make one of the nastiest oil tanks on the planet. But, before we move on, Warren asked me to throw in a pic of how da ink turned out from last chapter’s celebration. So, here it is:

If you recall from past chapters, the gusset in the frame in front of the rear wheel is shaped like a 10” square iron cross. During one of our bull sessions, someone suggested that we should just make the oil tank be a 2” deep version/protrusion of this. So, once we finally dug out from under the flurry of customer work that buried us in August, we put Big Ox to work on it.

Here’s a view of the bike from the rear after Big Ox pulled off the rear wheel to get better access to the gusset. This is to trace it for the first step in the fab.


Well, we've all been pretty damn busy over the fall and into the winter - but Big Daddy's been making progress. I guess things just take a bit longer when you really give a shit about what you do - and that is CLEAR in this chapter. I have never seen anybody spend as much time on one part as this oil tank - but when it's all said and done, ol' BD has something no one else bike-building class.

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