Here we bolt up the light and the frame and it’s starting to look like a little somethin’.

Below, taillight and bracket are tacked in place to check the look. This thing is far from done, but, I just met the “parcel guy” at the local bar, and parts are startin’ to flow in and we got forks to build!!!!

Here’s a sampling of some of the off-the-shelf stuff (available on the site) to give our narrow springer some 40’s and 50’s flavor and to head-start the build considerably. We will, of course, explain how all this stuff is used as we go.

We get started by pulling a neck bearing cup package off the shelf (pictured above) and machining off a few thousands of diameter from the sleaves of the cups that get pressed into the neck. This lets the cups slip in and out without force so that we can do fork mock-ups on this and all future builds with ease and precision. And, not have to press cups in and out each time. Of course, this wastes this set of cups for road use.

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