Next, we go to our ultra-high-tech tire changing station (brass rod clamped in a vise with washers and tire irons) and slap on da’ almighty Speedmaster.

I decided to skip Thanksgiving to chop, but a lot of the special parts I ordered to use on the forward controls and the springer either came in wrong or didn’t come in at all. I scored an antique taillight at a store in Louisville (Big Ox told me he thinks it came off an old truck). So, I bided my choppin time with some taillight and license plate fab. As you can see below, this thing was nicely patina-ed, but, it cleaned-up nicely and surprisingly quickly with wadding compound.

Next, the taillight (cleaned-up version) and license plate frame are laid out on a piece of scrap sheet metal so we can draw an outline to cut.

Here’s a rough cut of the frame and light holder.

And, with it angled, edge-sanded, and drilled.

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